Beach BAGS Galore !

Carry on your shoulder, a fabulous conversation starter.   Available in premium colorful prints, these bags will stand out on any holiday and even impress your colleagues on a casual Outing.

Expert Tip: Combine the bags with a matching Kaftan!

+ PREMIUM Materials +
Sourced from around the world.

Tech available anywhere today!

+ 100% Satisfaction +
reported by our Buyers.

. M U G S .

The Highest quality of long lasting prints on 11 and 15 oz. Ceramic coffee mugs, so that never a morning can be dull and drab anymore! Heat resistant and Microwave safe.

.Mobile Phone.
. C O V E R S .

More than mere protection, Mobile covers can define your whole personality and tastes. Put on our diverse range of supercool Art Covers and make the world go Wow !

.Our Bestsellers.

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Artistic Sleeves for you Laptops in computer quilted German foam and printed on premium Silk fabric sourced from China. The m ost Beautiful protection your laptop can get!

Drawstring BAGS

Pure Art printed on your drawstring bags. Supersharp enhanced details in the most diverse designs.     Make a statement!       Stand Out from the Crowd!


Digital prints on SOCKS!   Yes we can see the future.

Cozy and creative at the same time, DEVARSHY Socks truly immerse you in ART!


BAGS for casual use, Office use and Holidays. The Carry it alls have a huge capacity and strength.

Ditch your Leather Handbag NOW !  


From Masai tribes of Africa to the Chilling spirit of Tibet, discover the exquisite luxury of our Silk, and Georgette square scarves.


Long Stoles,upto 2m long, carry on them the stories of the weavers of India , who for centuries, have been keeping alive the traditions once perfected by their ancestors.

Now, DEVARSHY Combines the advanced technology of the future with the Traditional work of hand and brings you the stories you always yearned for.

Try our Stoles, for Summers as well as winters , they will never fail you!


. B A R O C O C O .

Our Baroque Collection, + B A R O C O C O + , inspired from the European Rococo and Baroque Art movements makes for some mesmerizing sight, in the Bags category.    

Please check out some beautiful designs here ...

.Customer . Reviews.

"It is a very roomy tote and the holding bag folds down flat without contents. The top frame remains in the same shape . The colors and printing are as vibrant as the photo.

I can carry my beach towel and a change easily to the beach"

Shania Pool Howard   -   2 APR 2017, 12:21

"I ordered a mug for my South African friend in NYC, and she absolutely LOVES IT! The Print quality is super crisp and super contrasty. Very well packaged and superfast delivery.

The collections are so diverse, you can get lost in this site! "

Christy McCormack   - 15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"I ordered 3 pairs of Tibetean digital print socks for my honeymoon and believe me, My hubby loved them so much he "Acquired" them from me!

Superb print quality and amazing stretch."

Adeboyega Lutyens   -   19 JUL 2018, 10:48




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